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Vincent Jim Giovinazzo

Vincent James Giovinazzo – Sales- A Science or an Art Form?

Is sales a science or an art form. As with many of these debates, the answer isn’t black or white. Compelling cases could be made for both of these sides of the debate, but in truth most would agree that it falls somewhere in the middle of spectrum. However, depending on the industry you work in, the answer will change wildly. There are some industries where you are selling no tangible product, but instead selling abstract concepts, such as yourself or consultancy. However, with more practical physical things, the way they function and operate plays a huge part in dictating their sales potential, from this perspective turning it into a science. Experienced professional Vincent James Giovinazzo has seen both sides of this argument in tech industries he has operated in.

Once a hugely successful Wall Street broker, today Vincent Jim Giovinazzo plies his trade in the business and technology sectors as a seasoned consultant. In describing the sales philosophy on Wall Street, he draws an interesting parallel between it and the entertainment industry. On Wall Street, being a place of so many thriving egos and competitive testosterone, being able to sell yourself is the majority of the battle. Why should they pick you? What skills do you have they can use? How can you increases the value of the company? These are questions that all need to be asked, and putting on a good performance to prospective employers, clients or partners is the main battle. It involves acting and creating a character that belongs here, and can add value and dynamism to a company. Not to mention the high flying and glamorous parties one is expected to attend!

From this perspective, many would argue that sales is an art form- a chance to create a sellable character that can climb the career ladder. However, in the technology industry where Vincent Jim Giovinazzo currently plies his trade, the sales aspect becomes a little more scientific. As he recounts in a recent interview, ”The definition of an aggressive salesperson is different. Some tech sales people wait for leads to come to them, as opposed to proactively finding the leads. After all, if you have a great product, it can sell itself; you can make just as much money without having to grind it out. It’s more of a science and less of an art form.”